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Historical attitude to “Undesirables” in New Zealand Comments 0


A new documentary from Frank Films shines the light on the history of the way in which people with disabilities have been treated in New Zealand. The filmmakers interview some of the people who spent much of their young lives in psychopaedic institutions in New Zealand. These were situated at Templeton, Braemar, near Nelson, Kimberley, near Levin, Read more

10% of NZers do not have enough suitable food Comments 0

food insecurity

The Auckland City Mission says over the last few years, demand for food has continually and dramatically increased. Food insecurity, or food poverty, is defined as not having enough appropriate food. The City Mission says information about food insecurity in New Zealand is outdated and sparse. But research led by the mission’s general manager of Read more

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Look towards science; a good thing Comments 0

It’s not uncommon for science and religion to be framed as two opposing forces. The Catholic church has famously struggled to accommodate scientific research in its past, but recently there has been evidence of a healthier relationship developing. In many ways, Pope Francis has embraced science as a way of learning about the world. Notably, Read more

Cultivate common ground regarding faith in public life Comments 0

“We make our own history,” Eleanor Roosevelt said. “The course of history is directed by the choices we make and our choices grow out of the ideas, the beliefs, the values, the dreams of the people. It is not so much the powerful leaders that determine our destiny as the much more powerful influence of Read more

Elder to elder: Indigenous woman to Pope Comments 0

Anitalia Pijachi, (pictured) an indigenous woman from the Amazonian town of Leticia, Colombia, came to the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon bringing a message from the elders of her people to Pope Francis, an elder of the Catholic Church. The first Europeans to arrive in the Amazon were “invaders,” she said. “They never asked Read more

Women insist that equality should mean the right to vote Comments 0

Catholic women attending the summit of bishops at the Vatican on the Amazon region praised the climate of inclusivity and openness ushered in by Pope Francis but insisted that equality demands they also have a right to vote. “As many other religious women, we believe we have come to the point that our superior generals Read more

ASA: No grounds for complaint about pro-life billboard Comments 0


The NZ Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected a complaint by Terry Bellamak about a pro-life billboard. Bellamak is the head of the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ). Bellamak submitted an official complaint calling Voice For Life’s (VFL) billboard (pictured above) on Cuba Street in Wellington “offensive” and claiming that it violated rules around ‘social Read more

  • Oddly

    • Pope Francis tweeted support New Orleans football team

      Pope Francis isn’t known for his love for American football but he posted a tweet that accidentally backed the New Orleans Saints. “Today we give thanks to the Lord for our new #Saints. They walked by faith and now we invoke their intercession.”  Read more
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  • Click to Pray: Vatican promotes smart rosary Comments 0

    The Vatican is promoting a “smart rosary” bracelet connected to a mobile app that’s activated by making the sign of the cross. The device can be worn as a bracelet and is made of 10 consecutive black agate and hematite beads. It also has a data-storing “smart cross”. Taiwan-based tech company GadgTek Inc (GTI) developed Read more

  • Indigenous-rite ceremonies could enhance liturgy Comments 0

    One proposal at the Pan-Amazon Synod is for indigenous- or Amazonian-rite ceremonies to be used to enhance and enrich the liturgy. Cultural signs and gestures could be incorporated into the liturgy without changing what is essential for Catholics, bishops say. Bishop Rafael Escudero Lopez-Brea of Peru, says this suggestion isn’t about Catholics asking for a Read more

  • Medical profession tarnished by miracle Comments 0

    An inquiry is under way into the ethics of endorsing a miracle healing a child. The inquiry is being conducted by the Kerala chapter of the Indian Medical Association. Dr V K Sreenivasan, a paediatrician in Kerala, endorsed the miraculous recovery of a premature baby born at the hospital in 2009. Sreenivasan says the infant Read more

  • Shock resignation – Vatican’s head of security Comments 0

    Pope Francis has appointed a new head of the Vatican Security Services and commander of the Gendarmerie (Police). Gianluca Gauzzi Broccoletti (known as Gauzzi), a cybersecurity expert, is taking over the security leadership role after the shock resignation of Commander Domenico Giani. Giani resigned amid a scandal stemming from his role in an leaking information Read more

  • Bishop ‘breaks ranks’ over celibacy at Synod Comments 0

    Celibacy is not an obstacle to increasing priestly vocations. According to Bishop Wellington de Queiroz Vieira of Cristalandia and a member of the current Amazon synod the real issue is a lack of holiness. de Queiroz says combating priest shortages in the Amazon region by ordaining mature married men does not address a greater problem. Read more