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Covid-19 – but the college Big Band played on Comments 0


Sancta Maria College, in Flat Bush, has used social media to allow their Big Band to perform together during the current lockdown. In the week before the lockdown, the school decided to cancel all music rehearsals while students also faced the potential cancellation of the most significant events in their school calendar. Inspired by a Read more

Innovative efforts to celebrate Easter but you need the internet Comments 0

need the internet

Catholic groups big and small are sharing many innovative resources to help New Zealand Catholics celebrate Easter in lockdown. But most of them require access to the internet or satellite television, resources that some elderly, less affluent and rural people may not have access to. A 2019 survey revealed that  in 85%  of decile 1-3 Read more

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Heaven and Hell Comments 0

Heaven and Hell

When the human soul becomes aware of itself, it develops a marvellous desire to grow. It seeks spiritual food. In the early stages, most of us seek sweetness – what I sometimes call “Spiritual Pavlova.” I fed on righteousness, beauty, goodness, affirmation holiness.  The amazing grace I sought was very sweet indeed. I read positive Read more

The absence of Golgotha Comments 0

As we prepare to celebrate Holy Week and Easter within the Christian tradition and persons clamour to post and then log onto opportunities to experience a “virtual” Easter, I would like to offer an alternative and that is to do nothing. Or, rather, experience “absence” in a very real way. The absence that Mary and Read more

Tackling boredom during lockdown Comments 0

Being locked down due to COVID-19 and immobilized has its upsides. One can spend quality time with oneself as one is free from the myth of Sisyphus that has set the clock of our life from morning to night. Now that we have time on our side and no concern about the deadlines of the Read more

Infectious disease specialist and understanding COVID-19 Comments 0


Corona viruses are RNA viruses as are influenza and measles viruses and consist of a family of viruses with a similar physical structure that looks like a golf ball with many small golf tee spikes projecting out from their surface. The result under a microscope gives the virus particle the appearance of having a halo Read more

Love George Pell or loathe him, we should all be grateful that justice has been delivered Comments 0

george pell

Some Australians, including many victims of child sexual abuse, revile George Pell. Others hold him in high esteem. Neither of these groups will have their minds changed about Cardinal Pell, ­regardless of what any court might determine. The majority of Australians fall into neither camp. Victorian Police In the midst of controversy and with allegations Read more

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    • In Isolation

      james lyons Alongside your crucifix and lighted candle (or lamp), place a world atlas. If you do not have an atlas, write the name of as many countries you can recall and lay the list in the centre of your sacred space. Read more
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    • The 10 best Irish movies of all time

      What makes a movie stay in your memory and you watch it over and over again? Ireland has a proud tradition of producing some of the industries finest films; films that have gained worldwide popular and critical acclaim. Read more
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  • Pope urges us to make the most of these difficult times Comments 0

    In the Pope’s Holy Week message, Francis reaches out to those whose lives have changed most because of COVID-19. In a video message, he speaks of the difficulties and suffering these weeks have brought many people, for those with sick people at home and those who are in mourning. “I can imagine you in your Read more

  • Asian cardinal swipes at China’s government over COVID-19 Comments 0

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  is “morally culpable” through its negligence and repression, lies and propaganda for allowing coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread. It is having a lethal effect on the world’s poor, a cardinal from Myanmar says. “The Chinese regime led by the all-powerful Xi Jinping and the CCP — not its people — owes Read more

  • Taiwan donates food, medical supplies to Vatican Comments 0

    Taiwan has made several donations to both Vatican offices and religious orders in a show of solidarity during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Italy is experiencing high death counts related to COVID-19. Basic sanitary supplies and medication are hard to come by – so the Taiwanese Embassy to the Holy See stepped up with some. Just Read more

  • Pope Francis approves new ‘Mass in Time of Pandemic’ Comments 0

    A new ‘Mass in Time of Pandemic’ and a special intention to be used during this year’s Good Friday liturgy have been approved by Pope Francis. Francis approved the two new liturgical texts for use during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Cardinal Robert Sarah, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, wrote the decree accompanying Read more

  • There is a Gospel in the making on the streets Comments 0

    Known in the Vatican as “Don Corrado” – the Papal Almoner leads alms-giving in the city of Rome on the pope’s behalf. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski’s parish is the street, and no virus will stop him from helping the poor, he says. On Sunday, he toured around the Roman parishes and told them that “washing the Read more