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Churches require seat booking for Mass Comments 0


As Catholic churches throughout New Zealand prepare to welcome people back to Sunday Mass church ministers are warning things are not the same. Catholic churches used to have a common look and feel, but post-COVID-19, the new normal will likely be less familiar, it may even seem a little strange, warns Wellington priest, Pete Roe. Read more

Punitive move divides the needy Comments 0


The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is calling on the Government to not further divide the needy. The call comes in response to the Government’s Income Relief Payment making full-time workers who lost their job because of the economic impact of COVID-19 eligible for tax-free weekly payments of almost $500 a week for a period Read more

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The problem with ordaining Viri Probati, ‘men of proven virtue’ Comments 0


It seems that every few months we begin talking again about the chronic shortage of presbyters in the many parts of the Catholic world today. Then someone suggests the ordination of suitable married men, Viri Probati. But after some discussion, a solidly based argument (not based on dubious notions of ritual purity) is presented: how Read more

Ecumenism 25 years on Comments 0


Twenty-five years ago, St. John Paul II’s encyclical on ecumenism, “Ut Unum Sint,” put the papal seal of approval on a shift in the Catholic Church’s approach to the search for Christian unity. For the 30 years from the Second Vatican Council to the publication of St. John Paul’s encyclical May 25, 1995, official ecumenical Read more

Good humour Comments 0


Can we talk about something other than Covid19? What about Catholic jokes? Will that do? I usually enjoy religious humour. It seems to come from solid faith that is without doubt or fear. And sometimes the laughter it evokes, unwraps a little parable that stays with me. I still carry an old Marist Messenger confessional Read more

Live plays rarely make for successful TV viewing. Comments 0

The Catholic Church was unprepared for COVID-19. Nothing particularly new there, countries have been caught unprepared; the transmission speed of this COVID-19 virus around the world has been unstoppable. The Decree released by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments from Rome on 25th March 2020, was unusually brief and not Read more

Mass but not as we knew it Comments 0


In a pastoral statement, the New Zealand Catholic bishops have written to Catholics saying they are pleased that Mass can resume, but warn the experience may not be as familiar as it once was. They say the new normal is means the Church’s liturgy remains restricted to protect the vulnerable and elderly. The statement, creatively Read more

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  • Woman theologian wants to be a Catholic archbishop Comments 0

    A woman theologian has written to Pope Francis nominating herself as a candidate to be Archbishop of Lyon. Anne Soupa, who is A 73-year-old journalist and biblical scholar, is one of France’s best known activists for a greater role for women in the Catholic Church. Her request to the pope included a detailed cover letter Read more

  • Baptism by water pistol! Comments 0

    water pistol

    Filling a water pistol with holy water and using it for blessings or baptisms is not right. Several priests have reacted against their brother priests for keeping a social distance and baptising babies with a water pistol. The photos appearing to depict blessings or baptisms by water pistol went viral online. In one photo, a Read more

  • Australian publishers and journos face trial over Pell reporting Comments 0

    Many Australian publishers and journalists will be tried in November for breaking court suppression orders about Cardinal George Pell, when he was convicted of child sex abuse in December 2018. Prosecutors in the state of Victoria say 19 journalists and 21 publications aided and abetted contempt of court by overseas media and breached the trial Read more

  • Trump calls Church an essential service; he plays golf Comments 0

    President Trump is a hypocrite, a CNN political analyst John Avlon has pointed out. Trump pushed for churches to reopen, deeming them essential, but did not attend church on Sunday, Avlon said. Instead, Trump played golf on Sunday – which makes him “more of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ presidency.” Trump’s Read more

  • Bishop who suffered 10 years of forced Chinese labour dies at 98 Comments 0

    A Chinese underground bishop who made world headlines in February has died. The 98-year old Bishop Joseph Zhu Baoyu hit the headlines in February for being the oldest person to recover from coronavirus (COVID-19). His eventful life spanned massive social and political changes which saw him arrested and imprisoned more than once. He survived years of Read more